OpenFiler 2.99 Active/Passive iSCSI Target

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    First off thanks to wayner for putting these instructions together. Far too often have I run into incompele/incoherenet/incorrect howtos or other instructions; this is very much appreciated.

    Thanks to the instructions here and here it appears that the two machines are communicating fine.

    I https'd to the primary machine, clicked on Volumes then iSCSI Targets to create an iSCSI target. Once created I gave my network 'Allow' access on the Network ACL tab then went to the LUN Mapping tab. To my surprise it was empty: "No LUNs mapped to this target All mappable iSCSI LUNs for this target have been mapped"
    Although my ESXi boxes see the iSCSI Target Name, when I scan for storage it finds nothing.

    So I manually edited /etc/ietd.conf and added these two lines following some guidance on another site but still nothing when I scan:
    Lun 0 Path=/dev/drbd1,Type=blockio
    Alias disk0​
    (I'm aware these changes won't 'stick'; that's the next hurdle to overcome)

    Might someone perhaps give me an idea about what I might have done wrong? I don't know what details you might be interested in but I'll happily give you whatever config files you may want to review.

    Thanks for reading & thanks in advance.
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    Please ignore/delete this thread. I've trashed the VMs and am going with a different solution.

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