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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Salam, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Salam

    Salam New Member

    Hello Forum,
    I'm a newbee and got a question about open ports. The ISPConfig Local Portscanner gives me this result:
    Port 21 (tcp) is open (ftp)!
    Port 22 (tcp) is open (ssh)!
    Port 25 (tcp) is open (smtp)!
    Port 53 (tcp) is open (domain)!
    Port 80 (tcp) is open (http)!
    Port 81 (tcp) is open (ISPConfig)!
    Port 110 (tcp) is open (pop3)!
    Port 111 (tcp) is open (sunrpc)!
    Port 143 (tcp) is open (imap)!
    Port 443 (tcp) is open (https)!
    Port 630 (tcp) is open (rda)!
    Port 631 (tcp) is open (ipp)!
    Port 953 (tcp) is open (rndc)!
    Port 993 (tcp) is open (imaps)!
    Port 995 (tcp) is open (pop3s)!
    Port 3306 (tcp) is open (mysql)!

    The Firewall settings are:
    Name Port Typ Aktiv
    FTP 21 tcp ja
    SSH 22 tcp ja
    SMTP 25 tcp ja
    DNS 53 tcp ja
    DNS 53 udp ja
    WWW 80 tcp ja
    ISPConfig 81 tcp ja
    POP3 110 tcp ja
    SSL (www) 443 tcp ja
    Webmin 10000 tcp ja

    now where are all this open ports, beside the ones opened in the firewall come from and how to close what is not needed.
    Thanks for any light on this issue.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The local port scanner of ispconfig is behind the firewall as it scans on IP, so the output is fine and does not mean that the firewall is not working. So the ispconfig portscanner shows you which services are running, this does not nescessarily mean that they are not blocked by the firewall.

    To test the open ports in the firewall, use a portscanner software that you run e.g. on your desktop and not on your server.

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