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Discussion in 'General' started by dhonnoll78, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. dhonnoll78

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    My service provider only allows me to have 1 static IP. Now, I have 2 pages I want to host on my server. I got one ( to work just fine. My other page I pointed to my same IP address. Right now it just gives me an error. IF, I plug my DSL router into a hub, plug the hub into NIC1 and then NIC2, assign my second page to NIC2 will that work? Am I able to host more than one page with just 1 ip from my provider? My NIC 1 and NIC2 are private IPs 192.168.xx.yy
    Please please please e-mail your responce and post them here of course to [email protected]
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    You can host hundreds of websites on one IP address. Select the smae IP for your second website then you selected for the first website and make sure that the second domain points to your external IP address in DNS with a A-Record and not some kind of forwarding.
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