one static IP address & 2 phisical server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Salital, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Salital

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    Hi Folks,

    I try to explane my issue

    In our office we have a static IP address and have 2 server:

    server #1. a pc with IIS/Windows 2005 Server

    server #2. a pc with Apache/Debian 6 codename: Squeeze


    we have some websites in the server #1 and we don't have any problems in the 80 port. Anyone can reach the websites in this server

    Instead if we put a website in a linux path of the server #2 through the internet this website isn't visible. After to change the dns for this website the online user if digit the url address appear a website in the server #1


    this issue to render the website in the server #2 trough internet?

    I hope to explane well the issue and I hope to posted in the right section

    thank you in advance,

  2. danhansen@denmark

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    1 static IP & 2 Servers (1 real and 1 IIS) :)

    Hi Salital,

    I'm no specialist in Linux, but, I have had some of the same problems as you ealier on! Therefore here is 3 simple solutions. This is maybe not what you want to hear, but it is what it is ;)

    1. Move all websites from IIS to your Linux Webserver.. (I did it some years ago, it can be done) If you are hosting several sites which is not your own, then maybe you do not want to risc smashing the sites, I get that, then go directly to suggestion 2.

    2. Get another IP number from your ISP, it can be done, I just did exactly that. For a few ekstra coins a month my ISP provided an extra static IP-number. If you are a private customer at your ISP they might be able to give you 1 extra static IP in addition to the IP you got togehter with your Router. By this I mean most private ISP's can provide 1 extra IP address - The one you got with your Router can be made static by choosing so in the Router setup - and therefore can not be regarded as an extra IP. Maybe you can use this argument to get another IP number which would solve your problem instantly.

    3. Set your secondary server (less important or if it used for personal use) up to run on port ex. 81 instead of port 80 - then forward port 81 (portforwarding) in your router to the IP number for this server (ex. I do not know if you are using NAT or how your setup is, but this is one way to do it. Then you can access the sites of this server by typing http://yourdomain.tld:81

    I hope this will help you - usually I would not repply to anything in here due to my status as a novice, but in this case I had "some" knowhow to share.. :rolleyes:

    I call upon some of the wizards in here to share some wisdom here :)
  3. Salital

    Salital New Member

    thanks a lot for your detailed answer :)))

    I wish you a nice day,

  4. ressel

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    It is also possible to create a proxy on your lan, that will forward request to either server 1 or server 2.
  5. comettom

    comettom New Member

    Hello can you explain...

    Can you explain how the proxy configuration?... thank you ... greetings

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