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    Thank you for this explicit answer.

    I ahve 4 website, 2 is online on server:
    Plus and, this 2 i want to test my new server.
    My server is a Dell with Xeon, and 16 GB Ram, and i installed Centos 6.5 + nginx + ISPConfig 3, following the guide from here, the only difference is the guide is for Centos 6.4.
    I decided to install nginx, after i read some reviews about this fast webserver.
    Maybe i will try with apache webserver.

    Now i thinking to reinstall everything, or try to repair, my error.
    Anyway thank you for helping me to all community from this forums. You do a great job.
  2. What I usually do is :
    - name my server (ie :, the domain has to be declared by a Registar.
    - to manage DNS, usually 2 IPs are required (you need to ask your hosting company for a second IP).
    - by the Registar, you declare (your 1st server IP) and (with your 2nd server IP)
    - then all domain you want to host will be defined by and
    - now it's just time to setup DNS/Websites/etc... in your ISPConfig for these domains.

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