On: Recover Data From RAID1 LVM Partitions With Knoppix Linux LiveCD

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by saracen, May 10, 2007.

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    I have an LVM setup but not using RAID - just regular ext3 under LVM. I think I lost one of my drives and it's a mechanical fault so I don't think I can restore any of the data from it (it clicks when I boot my machine). But now when I boot I can't see my LVM volume at all - can I recover the data from the other drives that were part of the LVM even if they weren't under RAID?
  2. till

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    I'am not sure if it is possible to recover data from your setup, at least some of the data will be lost, the data from your damaged harddisk as the data is not duplicated on the other harddisk without raid.

    Maybe you are able to rescue some data by doing the step "Recovering The LVM Setup" from the howto, replace all commands that refer to /dev/md0 with the device of your harddisk, e.g. /dev/hd0 if it is the first partition on your primary IDE harddisk.

    If the data on this harddisk is very valuable, you should consider to contact a data rescue service and not try to recover the data yourself.

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