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    over the years happens usually that some old slave node (on a master-slave configuration) are removed (because no longer used or due updates...).
    Generally we simply uninstall the ispconfig on the slave server, and remove the server entries on the master control panel (after that all the website of the old node are migrated).
    What I see there is that on the master database, the old user used by this old nodes are still on the db.
    This users are not removed from the uninstall script, right?

    It's there a way to clean up in a safe way all the unused user on that mysql database?
    For most of this user exist more than one entry (for example an user can connect from the IP and the hostname of the slave server).
    That create a mess.

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    The easiest way is probably just browse in phpmyadmin and delete the old users. There is nothing in the servers table which ties to a mysql username.
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