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    What is the best way to get a high performance filer for webpages

    @Current Setup
    currently we are using two nfs server with drbd to keep the nfs filer in sync.
    The Harddrives on the filer are raid10 sata.
    And we have 4 dedicated Webservers, which access the shared data via nfs.

    The current response time for a webpage is about 700ms.

    i did some tests:
    local data for getting raw performance on a single sata hdd drive:
    Result -> 500 mfs

    RAID10 SSD - local
    result: 200ms

    RAID10 SSD - nfs filer
    Results: 600ms

    @test4) - not done yet
    iscsi server, and use ocfs2 on the webserver to access from all clients.
    (with ssd)
    what could i except for a response time, and how to keep the filer in sync ?

    @test5) - not done yet
    use only 2 dedicated Servers for web and use raid10 on ssd drives, and keep them in sync with drbd.

    are there other possibilitys to get a high available infrastructure with high performance ?

    Mosefs, glusterfs, and ceph is to slow!

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