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    Ntop web page had been working correctly for a long time but due to power failure of the server in which it is running it has stopped working.

    When I turned on the server I realised using ps -A that ntop was not running so I enter this command to reload ntop with the parameter we need:

    ntop --user ntop --daemon -P /var/ntop --domain xxxxxxx --interface em1,p2p1,p32p1 -M -m, --trace-level 0 --http-server 0 --https-server 3001 -c -e 30 -n 0 -o -r 20 -x 100000 -X 100000 -O /home/pcap --known-subnets @/etc/ntop/known-subnets

    After using this command when I type ps -A I can see ntop but when I enter in a web browser: the browser shows a white page. No information or error messages are shown. I also checked that httpd is running.

    I'll be very grateful if you could help as I need to access the web to collect some grhaps.


    PD: The PC in which ntop is running is a Linux Network Security Toolkit (NST v2.15.0).
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