NS server on ispconfig isnt working. Whats whong?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by czdavid, May 1, 2012.

  1. czdavid

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    Please, help me.

    Last night I configured new ispconfig installation on my server.
    I have set in DNS (my domain provider DNS): ns01.myserver.tld to ip of my server, but it look like that isnt working and i dont know why.

    IN ispconfig i have set all the DNS settings - zone for that domain is set on ns01.myserver.tld.

    On next screens DNS settings, dig, dig @ns01.myserver.tld and dig for sample domain




    Where is mistake? What I have to configure to make my ns01.myserver.tld to my primary NS server? I´m using BIND.

    Thank you very much for your help.
  2. pititis

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    you need to add:

    - A record pointing to ns01 (A ns01 yourip)
    - NS record pinting to ns01 ( NS yourdomain.tld. ns01.yourdomain.tld.)

    Think about an extra dns

  3. czdavid

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    Do you mean add ns01.myserver.tld and ns02.myserver.tld to ZONE FILE or WHERE? I have added it into DNS. But if I try dig @localhost domain.tld, that i get empty answer - server have no records for that domain (like on image no.3), but DNS records are save into ispconfig (image no. 1). Where is problem? Thank you...
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  4. pititis

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    Sure, in ispconfig zone editor.

    There isnt NS defined in that zone (no NS record).

    In ISPConfig:

    1 - Click on +A, then fill the form:

    Hostname-> ns01
    IP-Address-> nameserverip

    2 - Cllick on +NS, then fill the form:

    Zone-> domain.tld.
    Nameserver hostname-> ns01.myserver.tld.

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