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    I have read about six different threads similar to my issue but cannot resolve what I think is a simply problem. My ISPConfig3 on Ubuntu 9.10 (Perfect) Server seems to run fine. At Network Solutions, I have two domainnames pointed to the same public IP address for my server. I assume I need to point all real domain names to the one IP address as that is the purpose of ISPConfig3 to resolve and redirect the domain name to directory with that domain's code.

    What is happening is that both domains point to /var/www/index.html rather than to the /var/www/clients/client#/web#/web as I would expect. I know this to be true as I did a simple edit on the /var/www/index.html to verify.

    I did verify that the directories for each client were created and the sites appear in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled directory and they are set as <VirtualHost *:80> Also, the /var/www/ is a link to /var/www/clients/client#/web#

    I assume I have the Client#>Web Domain>Website(tab) set-up wrong. Here goes for Client1: IP *, Domain, Harddisk Quota -1, CGI uncheck, SSI uncheck, SuExec uncheck, Own Error Docs check, Auto-subdomain none, SSL uncheck, PHP Disabled, Active check. Under the Redirect (tab), Redirect Type No Redirect, DNS Zones(tab) blank .

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Update to my problem

    I made a simple change and it is working... but is it working the way it is supposed too?

    As the server1 admin, I went to each Client>Sites>Website and changed the Domain from to After a moment or two, that changed the directory name in /var/www from to The link remained the same. Now I was able to go into each clients/client#/web# and edit the default index.html and insert "myrealdomainname" as a change and that remains unique for each of the sites. Is that really the correct way to fix this-- simply adding www in front of the domain name?

    I also noticed that each of the link directories in /var/www to is lrwxrwxrwx -- completely open. Is that the correct permissions for a link?
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    No, thats not nescessary. You just missed to set auto hostnem to www in the site settings.

    Sure. Symlinks on linux systems have always these permissions. Create a link on the shell and you will see it. Thats ok because the permissions of the target file or directory get applied if you try to follow the link.
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    Thank you. I did set the subdomain to www. on one site and *. on the other and they both work. I removed the www. from in front of the domain and the directory names changed while retaining the correct links. Now all site go to that default/green banner "Welcome to the..." page. That solved the set up issues for web pages. I have email working for one site, but not as expected. I will create another thread if needed.

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