Noobie question....How do you install software?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Brightbelt, May 15, 2007.

  1. Brightbelt

    Brightbelt New Member

    I'm in Ubuntu and I know how to install themes etc - I've gotten used to using the Gnome manager etc.

    But when it comes to just installing software that is not in the Add/Remove area, how does one do that?

    I have the WaveForge.0.1.2.tar.gz program on my desktop....How do I install it?
    If I extract it, I just get folders.

    I appreciate any help...Many Thanks, Frank
  2. justdave

    justdave New Member

    I try and look for related .deb packages when possible. Your software may have install instructions inside it too. Often an ./install script is provided. Have you unpacked the program and looked at the files? Often the "README" file will explain what is needed to install the program. (or point you to the online location for the install information)
  3. Brightbelt

    Brightbelt New Member

    Thanks for your help. Because of reading the Readme file, I found the software was still in the experimental stage.

    So I've decided to wait on Waveforge until a bit later.

    Thanks again, Frank

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