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    Hello all,

    I need a little help, I just set up a file server using XAM's Simple Home File Server (Based on Ubuntu). I have the server up and running and can be seen from all the PCs (both XP home & Vista) in the house, but when I try to access the server drive for storage it says I need access from the server administrator.

    1) How do I grant access from the server to gain access (I already set up the smbpasswd (though it would not accept family for some reason, also when I try to give it a static address, it refuses to access the network).

    2) How do I get the network login screen to come on in XP home & vista

    3) When I try to add users using the smbpasswd -a it askes for the new password and then retype the password, when i put the in password is says "Failed to modify password for user...", I've tries numerous user names with same results.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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