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    I've installed the ispconfig and i can acess to the control panel using my noip account
    The problem is that now i create sites and i don't know how to access them.
    I can acess them by ftp but i don't know how to access between the browser.
    I created one site called MySite with
    Hostname: www
    Domain: mySite.tld

    I tried

    but neither one works. How i can access to my sites?

    I'm beind one Linksys router and i'm in the Computer 1.

    |--------| |-------| |---------Computer 1
    |Internet |--------------------|Router |-----------
    |--------| |-------| |--------Server
  2. till

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    If you have just this one hostname "" registered at noip, you can only have one site with

    hostname: zbegans

    You must access the site with the URL and make sure that you selected the internal IP address in the ISPConfig site settings where you forwarded port 80 to from your router.

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