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    node.js is a javascript library, so its independant of the webserver and should not interfere with ispconfig.
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    Can somebody tell me how to set it up for use on for example on 1 of my websites?

    (This script uses node.js
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    I am not sure of the layout of your site, but you just need to throw it into a /js folder. Then add

    <script type="text/javascript" src="path-to-script/js/node.js"></script>
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    Hey Guys,

    Node.JS is NOT a javascript file nor is it client-side. It's a server-side runtime so you can write server-side javascript. With regards to ISPConfig, I dont see it as having support for custom daemons, so I doubt you can use it to manage Node.JS, but at the same time, I would think it's okay to run Node.JS on a separate port alongside ISPConfig daemons.

    ~ Justin
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    Node.js can also represent a server, see:
    So it should be also possible to setup it up over ispconfig for further customer hosting plans.

    P.S.: Sorry for bumping an old thread
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    I couldn't find a more recent thread so I'm adding to this one:

    one of my customers has a specific need for node.js and I was wondering if there's any tutorials on how to add it to a server managed by ISPCFG3 and then redirect a specific customer's site to node.js (the server is using nginx).
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