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  1. IntnsRed

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    I've searched for this but I can't find an issue that answers my problem, so I thought I'd ask you all for some help.

    The problem

    The issue is that DNS checking sites like DNS Report (the link will report things are fine now because I have a hand-created file in there temporarily) says that my domain does not have any MX entry.

    But I disagree! That domain not only has one MX, but also a backup SMTP entry. If it were only I wouldn't mind, but another DNS checker reports the same error. A "dig" for type MX also turns up nothing.

    What I've done

    I created the domain and the MX records with ISPConfig -- the software saving me from ever having to touch a BIND config file is one of its greatest features!

    Mail seems to work. I can send and receive mail on that domain okay.

    Data to consider

    Excerpt from /etc/bind/ that ISPConfig created:

    $TTL        86400
    @       IN      SOA (
                            2006071302       ; serial, todays date + todays serial #
                            28800              ; refresh, seconds
                            7200              ; retry, seconds
                            604800              ; expire, seconds
                            86400 )            ; minimum, seconds
                    NS              ; Inet Address of name server 1
                    NS              ; Inet Address of name server 2
    mail  MX      10
    mail2  MX      20
    ( --snip-- Further below: )      A
    ( --snip-- )
    ns1       A
    ns2       A
    mail       A
    ( --snip-- )
    Now, from the working one I copied and hand edited:

    @       IN      SOA (
                            2006071400      ; serial number YYMMDDNN
                            28800           ; Refresh
                            7200            ; Retry
                            864000          ; Expire
                            86400           ; Min TTL
                    MX      10
                    MX      20
    ns1     IN      A
    ns2     IN      A
    mail    IN      A
    www     IN      A
    Why the difference in the MX layout? Anyone have any clues? Whacks with a clue-bat would be appreciated; TIA.
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  2. Ben

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    the difference is mail / mail2

    normally you would have to enter zone.tld. MX 10

    In case of that shortended notation the @ replaces the zone for which that file is.

    So mail MX 10 adds an mx to But what you want is an MX pointing to zone.tld.

    hth Ben
  3. IntnsRed

    IntnsRed ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Thanks Ben!

    So just to make sure I've got this straight, when creating the MX, ISPConfig has a field for for the "Mailserver:", and there one should normally put the 2-level domain name, such as "".

    Duhh! Seems simple enough. I think the term "mailserver" was causing me to think "host and domain name". Thanks again.
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