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    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if you can help...

    I've had ISPConfig running fine for almost a year, something screwed up, i guess i must have made some changes to the configuration and I lost all websites that had external IP's in the DNS settings - all the internal ones remained fine. I reinstalled keeping all settings and it worked again for about 10 minutes, as soon as I re-created my second website it messed up again, nothing but a blank screen. I moved all sites to another folder and reinstalled again, now my web sites are working without a hitch. I have, however, lost my ability to recieve external emails.

    I'm guessing it's in the DNS settings.... I ran a DNS check on network-tools for my domain name and it came up with an A of for my domain with no subdomains. I changed this in ISPConfig to my external IP, it now reads correctly on However, still when I ping or run a traceroute it tries to resolve to my internal IP addess. I've also tested it from another web server, i have pinged and tracerouted without a problem. I then sent an email to myself from a website hosted on that web server and have recieved nothing.

    Any ideas on where I can start with this problem? I'm not a huge postscript guru so go easy on me :)

    ---- UPDATE ----

    Ok, i guess i just needed to wait for DNS to update, it seems to be sorted now, never thought I would ever be so glad to recieve spam mail as I am today!


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