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    Hi to everybody,

    I´m recently finished the installation of ispconfig3 in a centos 5.5 distro following one of the "perfects setups howtos" and everything seems to work as well as expected and investigating the specific functions of the ispconfig3.

    My concern it´s on how to test the different sites without the role of the DNS, i mean something like this:

    Generate the websites, i see the folders and i want to access to each one as ..

    and so on.. where the "site1" or 2 are the name of the sites, or the clients i´m not sure. :confused:

    That´s can help me to avoid move my domains without knowing exactly if it´s working, performance of the server and so on...

    In the meanwhile i have to learn a lot of dns stuff to put my new baby in full action, if you have any advice on DNS books, sites or different sources of knowledge will be very appreciated..

    Thanks in advance and many congratulations for this great open alternative called ispconfig.

    Kchow! :cool:
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