No database field in options menu after update to 2.2.32

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    i just moved and updated a web server , now hosted at a different Provider.
    I followed the decription in
    See: "Moving ISPconfig"

    The only problem i faced was the lost contact with mysql due to problems with the "debian-sys-maint" user after rebooting. Mysql daemon won´t start.
    It was because of the mysql data transfer by mysqldump .
    After copying the /etc/mysql/debian.cnf from the old machine to the new one, everything was ok expect of:

    In the actual version ISPConfig 2.2.32 no database access in option menu

    There is no access field to define a new mysql database at the web-site menu under option menu .
    And i could not find it somewhere else.

    How can i get the database access back to the users-web menu or where can i find it ? Anybody allready solved an equal issue ?

    with best regards
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    there is a new parameter field in the site definition. It´s called Mysql, and as my database is merged from an previous version , this click-box was not set. So ispconfig did not show the mysql- databases in the option menu.

    I´ll have to open my eyes before posting arround. Sorry

    best regards

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