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    I was adding / edit my vhosts manually and faced a problem after rebooting my server, the all disappeared.

    So after some readings, I found, I need to add websites in ISPConfig and edit vhosts through ISPConfig in "Options" tab.

    I'd like to use ngx_pagespeed (already installed) but when I want to add nginx Directives :

    pagespeed MemcachedThreads 1;
    pagespeed MemcachedServers "localhost:11211";
    and hit Save button, nothing is added in the vhost conf file (domainxxxx.vhost)

    When I go back to ISPConfig Option tab, I see the directives are there, but .vhost remains unchanged.

    On the right of the field I see this :

    Available nginx Directive Snippets:
    Does anything needs to be displayed there instead of ------- ?

    My server :

    Followed this tutorial : Perfect server ispconfig + nginx

    Thanks in advance for your help !

    EDIT :

    OK, after going to : Tools > Sync Tools > Resync > Check Resync Websites
    The Directives showed up in the .vhost conf file...
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    A resync should not be nescessary, you just have to wait up to 60 seconds as changes get written to disk once a minute.

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