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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by gLeW, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Hi im new with ispconfig. i follow this guide to install
    The only change i made its to put Quota "no" because if i put yes, after restart the server givme some errors.

    After complete this guide i make this other guide
    i see i have an error when try to star ngix.

    I started again, reinstalled the server from 0, I just made the first gui, and try to restart the nginx service.

    it gives me the following error
    when i put systemctl status nginx.service

    givme this result
  2. till

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    Seems as if you made a mistake while following the second guide. There is an SSL cert missing now and that's why nginx can't start. The second guide instructed you to create a website for the server hostname in ispconfig and enable SSL and let'sencrypt for that website. My guess is that you either did not create that website or Let's encrypt was not able to issue an SSL cert for that site which then resulted in the missing SSL cert that now causes nginx to fail.
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  3. gLeW

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    Perfect i already can.
    Thanks a lot

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