nginx rev.proxy for apache2+ispconfig project

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    I know that ISPconfig does not support a setup where nginx functions as a reverse-proxy server for Apache2. And in the response on some thread is advised to just replace apache2 with nginx. Understandable..

    I've always been using Apache2 and my knowledge on it is far greater as it is for nginx. So for that reason alone I want to keep using Apache2 in ispconfig. Mainly because whenever I run in to issues, it's far easier for me to resolve them for apache. On the other hand I'm also messing around with nginx. Primarily the rtmp module part of it. I have a box running with ispconfig+apache2 and alongside runs nginx on non-regular ports. Now I know that there is no 'easy to find' guide to be found for this. I would like to setup a reverse proxy with nginx for apache without breaking or compromising ispconfig. I'm considering trying to get this thing to work by myself on a test environment. But before I do that I would like to know if anybody else has ever undertaken this same thing. If so, please share your findings or tips or advice here please.
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    If I remember correctly @Jesse Norell did write something about that in this forum. I'd prefer running nginx as a webs server itself but running it as a reverse proxy to apache should be straight forward too. This tutorial should be relevant to your quest.
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    Thank you!
  4. Jesse Norell

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    I had some posts about reverse proxy in Apache, not using nginx to connect with Apache back-end. Should be pretty straightforward, but I've never set it up myself.

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