NGinx and Subdomains rewrite.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by EckyBrazz, Aug 1, 2012.

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    When using Cpanel and creating a subdomain (exp
    it created a directory in /home/domanin/public_html/www3/

    Now I copied over all content of this domain, created a subdomain in ISPconfig 3, created a DNS zone for it
    A 	www3 	66.7.XXX.XX 	0
    But got a little stuck on how to redirect is so that the /var/www/client.../www3 works like

    My server setup : Nginx on Ubuntu (followed the guide )
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    In ISPConfig this works a bit different as in cpanel, instaed of adding a subdomain record, which is a special kind of alias of a existing site and is used when a subdomain shall not have its own directory, you add a new website for the subdomain. Click on new website, enter in the domain field and click on save. Thats also describd in the website section of the manual.
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    Manual of 333 pages. Sorry I missed that part.

    Thanks again

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