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    Great Backup Software

    hey there, i have a server running with Debian Sarge on it and i found a great backup utility called mondo, works great for backing up software, allows you to select which folders to backup and which ones not to backup, allows you to backup to a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW i think, NFS, and Tape, first attempt was just a single folder backup to a CD-RW with verification enabled but that didnt seem to work too good for me, the software hung at about 71% verified, the second attempt was a full system backup to a CD-R excluding proc and tmp without verification, and that worked perfect, rebooted into the disk and ran the compare utility and everything checked out properly, the only thing is that there was 5 differences in files accross the entire FS, most likely in the log directory of course. If anyone is interested in this backup utility feel free to look into it, also if anyone has any other good backup utility, feel free to mention it, as i am sure this is a big worry for many of you who are new to Linux or want to cover all areas before they host sites for others.
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    I guess you mean a shared folder with NFS as NFS is also a linux application named network file system that is not supported by Windows.

    The best way to mount a windows share on a linux server is to use the command "mount" with filsystemtyp smbfs or the command smbmount:
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    lol, till, funny thing is that as you posted ur reply i was in the process of changing the post being i had found some good backup software for linux.

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