NFS server with glusterfs Ubuntu 10.04 pb

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  1. snarf77

    snarf77 New Member

    Hi all,

    I try to follow this how to: Creating An NFS-Like Standalone Storage Server With GlusterFS On Ubuntu 10.04

    but I 'm stuck at the end with what seems to be a classical problem with gluster:

    df: `/mnt/test': Transport endpoint is not connected
    I really don't know how to troubelshoot, I even don't know if problem comes either from the master or the slave

    I installed the server on ubuntu 10.04 server and my client are both (for test) a unbuntu 10.04 server and descktop (Both are getting same errors).

    Here is my glusterfsd.vol (copy paste from how to and just modify the share name..) for the server side

    volume posix
      type storage/posix
      option directory /share/export
    volume locks
      type features/locks
      option mandatory-locks on
      subvolumes posix
    volume brick
      type performance/io-threads
      option thread-count 8
      subvolumes locks
    volume server
      type protocol/server
      option transport-type tcp
      option auth.addr.brick.allow 192.168.5.* # Edit and add list of allowed clients comma separated IP addrs(names) here subvolumes brick
    and for the client:
    volume remote
      type protocol/client
      option transport-type tcp
      option remote-host # can be IP or hostname
      option remote-subvolume brick
    volume writebehind
      type performance/write-behind
      option window-size 4MB
      subvolumes remote
    volume cache
      type performance/io-cache
      option cache-size 512MB
      subvolumes writebehind

    I really need some help so if you need something else do not hesitate.


  2. deepthought

    deepthought New Member

    Did you check the GlusterFS client and server log files? You may find something relevant there.

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