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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rogue212, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Hi, i'm a complete beginner with Linux and have tried Kubuntu 7.10 which was very easy to set up my wireless internet connection, it detected my wireless router, asked for the network key and i was connected.

    I'm now trying PCLinuxOS and can't configure it at all, when i choose the wireless connection option it gives me this, select the network interface to configure, use a windows driver (with ndiswrapper), firmware files are required for this devive.

    It then gives me a URL were they can be installed from, then next a wireless box with a button option to type a file name, mnt and cdrom at the top, then places underneath with, root, desktop, filesystem and a add button etc and then ask's me to type in or choose a file?

    I'm completely lost as what to do or how to configure it, i have a sitecom router and a Belkin wireless adapter, the strange thing is i found my Belkin wireless adapter, USB2.0 WLAN adapter listed as a scanner?

    Is there any easy guides you could recommend as the one i used doesn't include setting up a wireless network, thanx for your help and time and hope you can help.:confused: :confused:
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    Well, you need to find out what chip uses your NIC, and then find out if its supported by linux, or another project relative like MadWiFi tools or so. The last option is to try the install with ndiswrap using windows drivers. Wireless in linux isnt so mature, so it moslty depend on the chip that the nic uses, if its well knowed and supported or not. In my experience, any card based upon atheros chipset for example its fully supported ;). Normally is easier to change the nick than configure the unsupported one lol :p.
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    Thanx for the reply and please excuse my ignorance, do you mean my motherboard chip set or CPU using the NIC, I don't know what NIC is either, how can i find out. I've tried the Kubuntu Live CD and it detected my wireless network and adapter straight away and i was connected in minutes, would this then mean that Linux does support it, thanx again for your help.
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  4. JEU

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    No problem, we are here to help each other.

    About the NIC that mean "Network Interface Card", so i mean your wireless network card. I forgot to put some attention over your post, yes you are right, if kubuntu works with that nic without problem then linux support it somehow. You can probably look how its configured and detected on kubuntu live cd, then try to put the same configuration on the other distro. You need to look the model of the card and what driver uses under kubuntu to work, then try to install the same driver under the other distribution. Probably you will need to google about it and start reading some manuals, but well, there isnt another way to learn ;).
  5. rogue212

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    Thanx for the help

    Hi, thanx for your help, i've been doin the google, just gotta learn more about Linux, like how to find the terminal, navigate etc.
    Will install it as a dual boot with XP and learn more one step at a time, cheers.

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