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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by 1red911, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Trying to install CentOS for dual booting.

    Currently running XP sp2 on a Shuttle SS30G2 SE, w/ 2048 DDR ram and 250 gb SATA hdd loaded with for XP and containing critical work data on 2 of the primary partitions. Using DISK Management from within XP I see the formatted SATA drive as Disk 1 and partitioned into 4 primary drives( OS, data1, data2, scratch ) and of course it works fine.

    I've been lead to believe it's easiest to add a second physical drive to load linux onto, so I've added another new Maxtor IDE 200 gb drive for a linux install point. From XP DISK Manager this disk is identified as Disk 0 and as unallocated .

    I run the GUI install for CentOS or Fedora FC6, and it identifies device hda and says it is not properly configured and needs hda to be prartitioned and allocated. I would like to assume it is looking at Disk 0, but can't be sure. I can't risk losing my data on Disk 1's data1 or data2 partions.

    Any way to know what disk is being probed and preped for the linux install?

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    You could try a Live-CD such as Knoppix to find out how your HDDs are identified in Linux before you tryto install CentOS.

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