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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rabrol, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. rabrol

    rabrol New Member

    Hi folks.

    I set up the ISPConfig server several months ago. It is hosting perfectly :)
    However tonight I tried to get the email accounts working and have run into problems.

    I am able to send mail to the server. It gets received (as it doesn't bounce back, and I can see it being received in mail.log).

    I am unable to log in to pick up mail though!

    I established an account [email protected] with the username test and a password. I also installed the webmail app.

    When I log on to check email it wasn't working. I had previously removed the Webx_xxx format on ftp/email users, so I then ran through the steps on the thread about allowing [email protected] logins to email ( correcting the pw2userdb2 error.

    When I attempt to run the script I get / line 24: /usr/sbin/pw2userdb: Permission denied

    Needless to say I cannot seem to log in to check email as I get a username / password login error.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting it sorted? I am running version 2.2.12 on an Ubuntu box.

  2. rabrol

    rabrol New Member

    Maybe fixed....

    OK, so I created a new user - [email protected]

    Using the webmail I can log in and send / receive at will. Good news!

    I can also log in from other clients too. Happy days.

    Now to go about securing the server.....about to see what info I can find on that.


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