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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by frontcode, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Hello all HowToForge Users,

    I have a couple of questions?,
    first sorry for my bad English.
    I have followed the tutorial : and have the manual for ispconfig v3 ,i am still learning a lot on Linux server for just about 2 weeks now.bud its hard to learn and its not easy, when you never have any experience with ssh..
    I hope i explain this as clear as i can.
    am running a webserver pure and only for webhosting at home

    1. when i try to go to in local network, nothing showed is this normal?
    and when it is not normal how can i fix this?

    2. I have setup my first website, and a DNS zone so i can use my own Nameservers, this works oke.
    Bud when i want to make another website.must i make another dns zone for the next website?
    because when i only setup my nameservers in the second domain nothing comes up..the domains are registered at namecheap.

    3.And when i setup a controle panel for a frend and he has his own domain,can he points his domainname with my nameservers like ns1.mydomain and ns2.mydomain? or must i setup another dns zone for him? I have read a couple of tutorials about DNS zone bud it is in english and some i understand bud allot of it not...So can someone explain to me as a newbie on linux and servers how to setup the DNS so that all the domains that i use and frends of my use to point it to my nameservers...:confused:

    Thank you all for reading my message i hope that someone can help me with it...
  2. falko

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    Does exist in DNS? If not, you can either create a DNS record for it (and then configure your router to forward port 22 to the server), or you use the server's IP address.

    You must "tell" namecheap that you want to use your own nameserversfor the second domain.

    This tutorial might help:

    You create your own nameservers as explained in the tutorial I linked to.

    When you register a new domain, you first set up the DNS zone for the domain on your own nameservers, and then you register the domain and tell your registrar that you want to use your own nameservers.

    For existing domains, you first set up the zone on your nameservers, and then you switch nameservers in your registrar's control panel.

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