Newb: Please help with my first tutorial. (Ubuntu default permissions)

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    I'm hoping you guys will help me with this one as I'm way out of my depth...

    You may or may not know that Ubuntu sets user's Home directories as world-readable by default.

    To me this is an insane default for a modern-day OS and I'd like to create a tutorial for myself and other newbs so that we can make suitable changes *once* and not have to worry about the subject each time we create a new user on the box.

    What I want is to have all folders within the Home folder locked to anyone but the owner and then have a 'Public' folder which is read/write and within the 'Public' folder, a 'Dropbox' which is write only. Similar to the OSX defaults.

    So far I have gleaned that I can create a folder/permission structure in /etc/skel which then becomes the default for a new user.

    I can also change the default permissions for directories in /etc/adduser.conf

    The problems I am having are:
    1) I can't set the 'write only' permissions to the 'Dropbox'.

    2) I can't set the permissions so that the Home folder is accessible but some folders within it are not.

    The solution seems to lie with activating Access Control Lists but I fall at the first hurdle which is to always mount the relevant partition with ACL active.

    Can anyone give me a nudge? I'm hoping that between us we can write up a simple and elegant solution.

    Thanks :)

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