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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by squirrelpie, Aug 12, 2008.

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    I have been playing with Ubuntu for the last week. I am an old tech (30 years exp) with weak command line skills ( I've forgotten most of my DOS) who supports many seniors in Windows environments, primarily XP and some Vista (dislike-overkill). Most apps I support are email, Picasa, wireless and network config, and a bit of Office Apps, and music playback, photo shows, etc. This covers the gammit of what most consumers, particularly less computer skilled want and need.
    My interest in Linux is a simple system to meet those consumers needs without all the overhead and overload Windows, particularly Vista involves. In fact I can make W2K do more than everything I need.
    Installed Ubuntu 8.04 in dual boot with W2K ( already installed) on an old P4 w 512 just to see what it would do. My weak command line skills limited me a bit, and could not get Ubuntu screen res above 800 x 600 (Nvidia Vanta AGP slot) while in the W2K it is setable well above that res. Also could not get the Realtek AC'97 onboard sound to install in Ubuntu, but can't get drivers to install in W2K either. Not a real issue as this is a exper. spare comp with an old MSI mother board.
    The dual boot was automatically installed when I installed Ubuntu and defaults to the Ubuntu OS unless you select W2K within 10 secs of start up.
    Liked the looks of Ubuntu Studio 8.0.4 and tried an additional install of it on same computer. Something strange happened.
    1. The ISO DVD would not boot inspite of correct boot order, and manual F11 selection of boot order. It would simply bypass the Ubuntu Studio DVD- OOPS just figured that out- it is only a CD reader- not DVD in box.
    2. Can I add install U Studio, as well as U 8.04, and W2K on this box (when I change CD to DVD reader), and will it add Studio to the multi boot menu.
    My initial impression of U Studio Tutorial is very favourable and looking forward to playing with it some more. Strongly agree as a Windows replacement it must be simple and avoid command line requirements for that unsophisticated consumer.
    Sorry for the long winded post.
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