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  1. JD Dad

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    I have installed Linux Ubuntu replacing Windows 10 on a laptop. Was able to get the install to work just fine and am starting to learn the GUI and attempting to learn basic commands. My Questions...

    1. I have recently watched a video on Kali and the awesome tools this comes with. I would like to play around with these and learn more about them but want to avoid replacing my current install. Is there a way to install all of the Kali applications on Ubuntu?

    2. I am a gamer and would like to install world of warcraft classic so my kids can play it on my laptop as before. Is this possible? What are some Linux compatible games?
  2. Steini86

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    Yes, use the package manager for that. Usually the package has the same name then the program. Just search for it via "apt search" and install via "apt install packagename". There usually is a GUI for package management, I think ubuntu uses "synaptic" (?)
    Steam is available on Linux:
    Afair WoW does not run natively on linux. You could use a) a virtual machine or b) wine to run it. Its not so straight forward for a beginner but a good project to learn.

    For more native games on linux, you can search in the package manager in category games ;)
    Steam games for Linux:
    Other free linux games:

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