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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DataVampire, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Hi guys i would just like to say what a great software (and all free) including the operating system, and considering its non comercial very very good support.

    I have just managed to install ispconfig (the latest version) on debian lenny(latest version)

    Now since im new to this, i have no idea now what to do next, i preferably would like to set up my own name servers, i have been provided with ips so i can do this(btw the server is run on my home connection atm)

    do i have to create a vhost?(no idea what this is)
    How do i setup my own nameservers so i can move my paid domain name from godaddy to my home server?
    How would i add another user with his domain also from godaddy.

    Many thanks
  2. DataVampire

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    A update

    I have been googling mad and searching on this very nice site i have come up with :

    ISPConfig 3 Manual

    Has a few articles but asumes you have already followed :

    How To Run Your Own Name Server With ISPConfig And (Schlund)

    I have looked at this article but its very old now and totaly different to ispconfig 3 (different options ect)

    While i was snooping around i also found this

    How To Run Your Own Name Servers With ISPConfig And GoDaddy

    Again only in ispconfig 2 as apposed to ispconfig 3

    After many hours, I have tried gooogling, even tried searching on you tube.

    So i am trying to help mt self but no information is out there for ispconfig 3, (im wishing i now installed ispconfig 2)

    So if anyone could help me it would be great
    Thank you
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  3. crypted

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    A vhost where your one ip is shared by multiple websites? just setup websites on the same IP and it will automatically generate the vhost information/configurations.
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