New to ISP need help with phpmyadmin and roundcube

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by savagemania, Jun 7, 2007.

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    I have just finished installing and configuring my isp config server. I Installed the roundcube mail and phpmyadmin .pkg files using the update manager. I have some questions though. Where are the roundcube mail files saved because I wanted to make and go to the roundcube login? Also does anyone have a fix for the bug of changing the identity back after logging in as [email protected] instead of prefix_user? Also how can I remove roundcube completely if I decide to use a different webmail?

    For phpmyadmin what users are used to login, I tried using admin and client and FTP/Mail user but none work.

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  2. Hans

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    About RoundCube:

    After installing the RoundCube package, provided by ISPConfig, you can find the login screen at: http://www.anydomainonyourserver.tld/roundcubemail:81

    If you like to run RoundCube on port 80 within the web of your choice, like, you should have a look here as well:
    If you follow this howto, your users are able to login with their loginname and emailaddress as well.

    About phpMyAdmin:
    Every MySQL-user which you create within ISPConfig has access to phpmyAdmin. You can create those users at the "Options" tab within the ISP-Manager within ISPConfig.

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