New System SQL Replication Failing

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mphayesuk, May 17, 2013.

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    Hi guys, its been a long time but I am finally installing a brand new production system and I have run into a few issues.

    I am following the Debian step by step guide for a cluster setup and cant get the SQL replication to work.

    So I have granted the user rights on server 1 then I have changed the my.cnf file on bother servers and stopped the sql server after making the changes.

    So Mysql is not running on bother servers.
    Then I copy the files accross (mysql and debian.cnf) to server 2

    Then I start mysql on server 1, note the position and file name and then run through the stop slave > change to master.... > start slave > show slave status

    Here I have an io error 2013 error connecting to master on server2

    I have tried to telnet on the 3306 port and because the guide does not say start the server2 mysql I cant connect. If I try and start mysql on server2 it doesnt start anyway. I cant see any error logs on server2 even though I have turned on logging in the my.cnf "General_log_file"

    So can someone point me in the right direction... please

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