New SMTP Relay - Relayhost User and Relayhost Password - Lost Here!

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry if this is a real dumb question but I have gone round in circles for the past five hours!!!

    I want to route outbound emails for certain Domains via our newly added smtp.DOMAIN.COM server.

    Here is the config: -
    main.DOMAIN.COM (ISPConfig 3.2.7p1 - ISPConfig Admin Panel, Web, Primary Email, DNS primary, MySQL)
    smtp.DOMAIN.COM (ISPConfig 3.2.7p1 - Relay SMTP Email)

    Jesse very kindly pointed me in the right direction to set "per Domain relay options" on our MAIN server: -
    Admin Panel >> System >> Main Config >> Mail >> "Show per domain relay options" = Ticked.

    When I go to Admin Panel >> Email >> Domain >> I now see the options for Relayhost.

    In Relayhost: I enter smtp.DOMAIN.COM
    Relayhost User: ??? Which User do I put here?
    Relayhost Password: ??? Which User Password do I put here?

    Many thanks in advance for any help

    With kind regards to all

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    Definitely the "Relayhost" user and password you should put in there. Have you tried them? Note that if you are using gmail, it is no longer work by using your gmail password but your gmail app password is needed in there.
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