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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dkdzn, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. dkdzn

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    I tried to create a new site today and it's no longer working. Things have been going smoothly with setting up new sites and new DNZ zones to go with them and so far so good.

    But I just tried to set a new one up and when I try to visit the site I get a 404. I checked the Apache error and access logs as well as the "other_vhosts_access.log" log and I don't see anything unusual. I also checked the error log of the site I created through ISPConfig and it's blank.

    The directory is there as it should be. And the Apache vhost file looks correct.

    I'm stumped.


  2. dkdzn

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    nevermind... now it's working. I have no idea why. I tried it 3 times and it wouldn't work. I tried a different test domain name and it worked. So, I deleted that test domain and tried the original domain and it also worked.

    Not sure what that was about.

    But, it's working.


  3. dkdzn

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    Okay... maybe I spoke too soon. Something really weird is happening. Sometimes creating the new domains works and sometimes it doesn't. I've done the process a dozen times now. I create the site in the websites tab ... then I create the DNS with all the appropriate information. I can't be getting it wrong so many times.

    Another odd thing is that if I delete the old DNS zones and the old web site.. then recreate it with the same name... it creates a new directory (client_#/web_##) ... but retains the old symlink to the deleted directory.

    What's going on?!


  4. till

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    Ita may take up to 48 hours until new dns records work because caching dns servers do not fetch new data until the ttl is over. So creating and deleting things in a short time period which fail is no indication if there is really a problem. It just causes more harm then it helps.

    If you have a problem with dns or the website, then you should take a look at the apache log and test the nds records etc. but dont delete the site or dns record and recreate it.

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