New Site Created, but DNS not working

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by torqhost, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. torqhost

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    I have a problem where I add a client and create a new site for the client, but nothing happens: DNS doesn't get updated.
    If I create the same site through DNS manager it works properly, but if I create it like that and then try to create a site for the client, it fails, as the domain name is the same. Could you please comment or point me to a tutorial on how to fill those site boxes properly, as I just don't get it. If it can create a site through DNS manager, that means the configuration of ISPConfig is OK, so it means either there is a bug or I am stupid.

  2. till

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    There is no such howto.

    Just enter the domain name in the domain field of the website settings and enable the create dns checkbox. Also make sure that you entered the correct primary and secondary dns server under management > server > settings on the dns tab.
  3. torqhost

    torqhost New Member

    Thanks for the reply, there was a problem, that settings for the DNS were in the recycle bin and this was causing issues during site creation.

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