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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mmidgett, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. mmidgett

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    My multi-server setup is working fine except for this new server. Here is the new setup.

    At my new collocation I am setting up a new test rack. I have my pfsense 2.0 firewall connected to the backbone. Routing is working fine. I then have my test ESXI 5.0 server that I have a new test VM running, both the esxi and the new vm have a private ip and I am using 1:1 nat to map the outside static ip to it. I can access all ports and services on the VM from the outside.

    DNS is working and can be reached by hostname.

    I was able to have this new test server join my multiserver setup at my other location but I am unable to do any thing with it. It seems that my master can't connect to the slave. But the slave connected to it during setup.

    I have opened all ports from master IP to external slave IP. I can ssh in, I can see the default apache web site. I need some direction. I keep trying to use 1:1 NAT but this seems to be a problem.

    Thanks in advance for some help.
  2. till

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    The master does not have to connect to the slave as the slave is the one that syncs the data, so the slave connects to the master. Your probem is most likely that the slave can not connect to the master with its ispcsrv user, that happens when the /etc/hosts files on master and slave are not configured as decsribed in the multiserver tutorial. A working dns configuration is not sufficient, the /etc/hosts files on master and slave have to conatin the fully qualified domain name of master and slave and only the fully qualified domain, nothing more. After that is fixed, ispconfig has to be uninstalled and reinstalled on the slave.
  3. mmidgett

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    Yup I just looked at the hosts file on the new slave and I for some reason I must have forgot to change it as the FQDN points back to the LP addy. I'll fix this and reinstall.

    Thanks Till for you help as always.
  4. mmidgett

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    Quick question, will there ever be a tool to move a user from one server to another with out having to backup, delete, setup, reinstall? It would be way cool if we could to this. Being able to migrate customers from server to server would be totaly awesome.

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