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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by cybereatl, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. cybereatl

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    Hi folks,

    I just configure a new server to migrate my old fedora 4 server, and I upload FC5 and install ISP config with success!

    Now I just add it behind the router and set local ip: for that server and locally am able to enter and over the web with https://xxx.xx.xx.93:81

    My concern right now is with router due to access public port is 81 but most cases when am adding a site it connects to 80 port, will be any issue for sites or should I change ISP Config settings to be accessed by 80 port instead of 81. Also I've set new nameservers and those must propage in few days.

    Please let me know opinions...

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  2. falko

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    If you're behind a router you must use port 81 for ISPConfig because port 80 is in use by the main Apache, and your router can forward port 80 only for all IP addresses (i.e., it cannot distinguish if a request on port 80 is for ISPConfig or your main Apache).
  3. cybereatl

    cybereatl Member

    Hi Falko,

    Am not following you, If I only use IP address comes out Fedora Core Test page, which is ok, and if I add https://....:81 for admin new sites that I place on server will access with no problem?

    Thanks :cool:
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    What is the exact problem you have with port 81? The websites you create are on port 80 and the controlpanel is always on port 81? Forward port 80 and 81 from your router to your server and everything will work fine.

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