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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by xlancealotx, Jul 14, 2008.

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    This is a basic backup CentOS 5 server to replace our existing due to space. From my readings, everyone is suggesting LVM, in my past, I would always make my boot, swap and / and go on.

    This box has (4) 1T sata drives which I wish to have on a raid 5 so looking for some basic howto help.

    On the boot, since I have never used LVM and I couldn't find what I needed I am looking for some hand holding on what/how and what order.

    I need a /boot partition (usually 100mb), but not sure the order on what do I create, paritions, or howto the lvm, with the gui installer. I played a little creating a few patitions, then hitting the raid, but it get's messy, I am sure someone who uses this method will say,

    1. new / boot ,
    2. click lvm, add the other drives
    3. click raid, select drive 1,2 ... etc.

    Something like that will mean the world and make my life easy.

    Once the install gets past that, I would like to have either the / with whatever is left as a raid 5 partition, or if the right thing is seperate , /home, /usr. etc. I would go that route (keeping those under raid 5 as well)


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