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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ariban99, Oct 3, 2021.

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    i have 1 dedicated server right now running ispconfig 3.1 on the west coast with a dedicated fiber connection
    i just bought a second server for another location on the east coast also with a dedicated fiber connection. is there a way to setup the second server to work with my first server to help load my website pages faster specially for clients on the east coast? can it also be a backup or a secondary server for emails
    in other words, can the emails, website databases etc.. all be cloned on both server, so both servers have the latest info to display to customers or to my email? or is there a better way to accomplish what i am looking for instead of cloning server, maybe a master and slave situation sort of like cloning?
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    You can setup another server with a mirror of web contents. But how do you get the east coast customers to connect to the east cost server?
    This forum has articles on setting up e-mail server as two hosts. But has "ISPConfig 3 in a Multiserver- and Cluster enviroment" which should answer all your questions on this topic.
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    thank you i will read and study the link you sent

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