New OpenSuse 12.3 Install with Xen

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by VL1969, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Hi, I am trying to setup a home VM server using OpenSuse 12.3 + Xen
    and so far have not been successful in it.
    FYI: I am NOT a Linux person. but do to the fact that my budget is nil
    and windows server is it's own can of worms all together,
    Linux server is my only viable option.

    I choose OpenSuse because I want to use BTRFS for my /root and all data storage and it seems like OopenSuse is the only distro that kind of accepts BTRFS as good and stable FS at the moment.

    my server is :
    superMicro H8DME-8 MB with 2 x HexCore for total of 12 cores CPU
    and 56GB RAM

    system disk : 2 x 1T HDD for software RAID -1
    Data : 2 x 3T HDD for Data
    1x 2T HDD
    and will have an additional 3 x 2T disks after all the data is moved to the new setup

    I want OS12.3 as Dom0 on Xen
    and several VM for specific duties like
    pfSence VM to replace my router
    an opensuse 12.3 VM or Ubuntu VM to run Sick beard+subznbs + coach potato + transmission

    I am currently following the Perfect server guide for ISPConfig setup
    but have several questions until I am continue.

    #1. what do I setup first ISPConfig or Xen?
    #2. in addition to #1 can I / should I setup WebMin alongside ISPConfig ?
    #3. what is the best option to integrating the server into my home network.
    currently I only have a simple home setup.
    a Netgear router from cabelvision providing DHCP for all my PCs
    with this new server I will be replacing it with a VM implementation of pfSence, so any good sugestions on network layout / config?
    I do not have a hosted domain, I do however have a DynDNS domain.
    and will try to use that to access all form outside.

    any links to good guides will be greatly appreciated.

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