New Mail Server after Multi-server Install

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mrbcast, Mar 19, 2020.

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    Hey guys I have a good one for you today. So I have a proxmox setup with virtual containers to host my ispconfig setup. I installed with the install script three servers originally in ubuntu 16 containers. They are:,, The first was the isp main server with db, mail, web and everything except dns. NS2 and NS3 both had dns only on them. I installed LE certs on all websites and used the LE4isps script to install LE cert on admin. Got all working nicely, but needed to do mail, for an unspecified reason, on another server, so I used the install script to create a mail server (multi-server setup referenced) to set it up. Got it up and running and set it up in control panel, changed over dns and got it talking, but after enabling DKIM on the four domains I host mail for, I can no longer login to mail with client nor can I send or recieve. I have been through the logs and can't seem to find out whats going on. The only thing I can see is an ssl error still pointing back to ns1. By the way the new mail server is at I am curious to see if you can provide any ideas as to what I can do next. Thanks in advance for any and all help. As always, ISPCONFIG is a real deal breaker for me. Running a successful business off it and it really helps. Stay healthy during this crisis folks and remember to wash your hands regularly and stay healthy.
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    I can not see how DKIM would prevent logging in from e-mail client. Can you see the login attempts on servers log files?
    I do not understand this either. What kind of error exactly?
    I wrote a Tutorial on setting up e-mail server with ISPConfig, but it is in publishing queue now.

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