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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wildgoosed, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. wildgoosed

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    Hey everyone,

    My co-worker and I are setting up an ISPconfig box in the next few days. We will be using Ubuntu and following one of the perfect setup guides posted on howtoforge.

    We have purchased a domain, lets say that we will be using.

    Do we have to setup this domain before we run the ispconfig setup? Reason we are asking is that the setup asks us for our host+domain and then attempts to contact that address. If we don't have the domain setup then that wont work will it ?

    We can setup the domain no problems, however how will this effect our ISPconfig setup once its completed?
  2. edge

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    When doing the setup of ISPconfig, you will be asked for a host name (like www) when so, do not enter anything.
    The next question will be for the domain name (like When asked, enter the server IP.

    Later (when your domain is working), you can change all the needed info within ISPconfig.

    Please note that if your server is on a LAN, that you use the LAN IP at the domain name question.

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