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Discussion in 'General' started by 4integration, Dec 29, 2006.

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    I have a new server with a fresh install of Fedora Core 6 (including Apache, mySQL,...etc). It have a static internal IP (192.168.x.x) and connected through my firewall which has a dynamic IP (ADSL).
    I have had one domain on this server (only www, not mail) but now I would like to transfer 3 more domains (incl. mail) to this server and therefore need a good way of administer those, ....and I found ISPConfig which seems very nice. But I have some questions...

    1. Directory Structure for domains
    1.1. If I have a domain ( in /var/www/ and adds a subdomain ( where would that be placed in the directory structure?
    1.2. Would it be possible to have the directory structure:
    +- www (serving * if no matching sub domain)
    +- test (serving

    3. Manage regular Linux environment
    3.1. Can I manage the Linux users in the environment without using ISPConfig or am I forced to use ISPConfig to not loose track in the ISPConfig environment?
    3.2. I have the need of also using the machine as regular file server, print server, etc, will that conflict with ISPConfig in some way?

    Will likely have more questions on the way but start with those :)

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    1) The directory structure in ISPConfig is fix, so you cant change it without programming.

    If shall have its own directoyr, you must add a new website with host: test and domain:

    3.1) You can only manage linux users manually that are not created by ISPConfig., otherwise ISPConfig will overwrite your changes. If you create users manually, you must add them to the file /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/users to tell ISPConfig that the username is blocked.

    3.2) No.
  3. 4integration

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    So the sub domain is a sub directory in the main domain, right?

    So the sub domain can be reached by "", "" and ""?
  4. till

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    No, the subdomain is in the directory /var/www/

    If you want to reach the subdomain like this, cretae a co-domain instead of a new website and set a forward to the test directory.

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