New ISPConfig Install...want a check on configuration

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by adamjedgar, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. adamjedgar

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    Hi guys,
    just completed a new ispconfig install and am checking mail server configuration...

    ISPConfig setup
    In Server config>Mail ...Should i "reject sender and login mismatch"? Does this have anything to do with my incoming mail server settings below ie "incoming doesnt require login"?

    Host IP Address =
    hostname.fqdn =

    Client domain - A record - - MX record -
    DKMI is enabled and keys exist for domain

    nameservers are via free dns hosting by domains registrars for both host and client domain.

    Outlook email client (desktop pc app - office 365)​

    Incoming mail
    server = Port 993
    Encryption Method = SSL/TLS
    Does not require Login using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

    Outgoing Mail
    Server = Port 465
    My outgoing (smtp) server requires authentication
    User same settings as my incoming mail server

    Why in Microsoft Outlook do emails from this server all say "unchecked"? (this does not happen from my other Virtualmin system)
    Do i need to manually copy the DKIM to registrar zone file records?
    If i have DKIM, are spf and _dmarc still required or is DKIM enough to avoid email client app erros? ( I usually only use spf and _dmarc, this is first time using dkim for me so i wish to understand a bit more about it).
    With just DKIM, Emails sent to hotmail and outlook are being classed as junk even though DKIM is shown as a pass when i check header tags in Microsoft Outlook Desktop App.
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  2. Taleman

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    Quite a lot of questions. Have you verified you have done the setup according to the manual or tutorial you used?
    Have you checked these for you e-mail server:
    • host must have Internet connection with port 25 open both ways
    • host has a fixed IP-address
    • host must have A record for its IP-address (or AAAA if using IPv6)
    • you must create [MX] record to DNS name service for the host
    • you must get host reverse DNS name service [PTR] record that matches
    hosts FQDN
    Probably not.
    That does not make sence. Read from Wikipedia what fqdn means.
    Use FQDN of e-mail server host as name here. And everywhere else, too.
    Yes. If your name server would be maintained by ISPConfig, then it gets copied automatically.
    You can show DKIM like this:
    $ host -t txt
    Read about all three in Wikipedia. None of them is required.
    Using DKIM, SPF or DMARC does not force receiving e-mail servers to accept the e-mail. Using them may make the receiving e-mail server trust the sender a bit more.
  3. adamjedgar

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    If spf DMARC and dkim are not required,
    What is it that generally causes emails sent to hotmail and Outlook to be classed as junk? (Brand new server and new domain email account)
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  5. Steini86

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    "Required" needs more definition. They are not required by the mail standard / RFC. Although, they are recommended. They are, however, required by some mail providers like Microsoft to accept messages.
    Depends on your setup. Without that checkbox, each user of your server can send mails with a from address of everyone else. If you are the only user, you probably don't want that. If you have several users, you want this!
    In which context? This probably refers to a spam/virus detection and tells you, that none was done (?)

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