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Discussion in 'General' started by jcombs_31, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I'm setting up a new server and the debian package manager is giving me errors that packages are not configured. I get the following:

    This is after running the first group installs.

    If you look a little higher you'll see things like:

    So I assumed all is ok since the ISPCOnfig installer is supposed to configure these packages.

    After installing ISPConfigure dpkg still shows this errors as if these packages are not configured. I did the same install on a local VM and don't have these problems with the minimal install of debian.

    Any clues on what I'm missing here?
  2. jcombs_31

    jcombs_31 New Member

    I think I found the problem. When postfix asks for the domain name it asks for it with the syntax

    Note the trailing period. When I went to restart postfix it complained about the hostname. If I remove the trailing period from it works fine.

    edit: Now I see why, my hostname actually had the trailing . from the hosting company.
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