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Discussion in 'General' started by tmill1203, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I set up a server according the perfect server and ISPConfig documents. I was able to add 7 domains and all work perfect.

    I tried to add a .org domain and had issues with my nameserver registrar. They had to add my nameserver to the .org registry. That has been completed, but I am still unable to pull up any new domains I register/create (.org or anything else). As a side note, the .org domain was hosted by my nameserver registrar and they are able to pull up the site internally from their server still, but not from my server. They cannot pull up the new sites I created that were never hosted by them.

    Any ideas what could be the problem or which log files I can look at for guidance?

    Thank You,
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    Found the solution to my problem

    The internet is a wonderful thing! After more searching I found that my problem was that I only listed one nameserver and I assume the .org governing body requires two and the status for the domain name was set to "Inactive". So, I updated my nameservers and added a second one (even though it does not exist) and all is well in my world again... :D

    I hope this info useful for someone else in the future.

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