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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Musty, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Musty

    Musty New Member

    Hi guys,

    Sorry I was away for a little while. I had to reinstall the whole thing. Tried out Debian, Ubuntu server and Suse 10 enterprise, but my Siemens Econel wouldn't take any of them. So I had to go back to Fedora 7.

    I have a domain name, say, which I bought from and I use their platforme to get things done. I have also installed inadyn, a little daemon that updates my public IP address every time it changes (I have a dynamic IP). Everything is just fine with this domain. I can access it through LAN and from outside.

    Recently, I bought a new domain name from a different company, say, When I did a whois on the new domain I got the follwoing Name Servers :

    Now I want to host the web site on MY server. How would I go about doing that? :confused:

    Thanks for your help.
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Contact who ever runs those DNS servers and tell them to point www to your server ip address
  3. Musty

    Musty New Member

    Thanks Topdog for your reply. Is that possible ? because I have a dynamic public IP. It changes everytime I reconnect.
    With, and as stated earlier, they have a little server inadyn which you install and run in your box, and it keeps your IP address up to date with dyndns (checks and updates IP changes every 60 seconds).

    What IP should I give my new domain then?

    Thanks again
  4. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Sign up for free update account, then have the dns guy create a CNAME to point to this account for example if your account is, should be a CNAME of
  5. Musty

    Musty New Member


    Thanks a bunch pal! :)
  6. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    No problem, just make sure that the DNS people set a very low time to live for the CNAME to match the TTL which are using such that caching DNS servers do not cache the wrong address for long periods
  7. Musty

    Musty New Member

    Hey Topdog,

    Sorry for the delay. I've had a really hard time with the guys I bought the domain name from. They said they didn't handle no CNAME and said I had to deal with this through "my hosts". That was a failed attempt at making me host my site on their server. But I let them know that I am running my own server and I want to host my stuff by myself -which they didn't like very much, at least apparently through their emails. But they did change the Server Names I posted earlier here to the ones I wanted. Now I did My Cname stuff alone with

    My new thing is

    I can see it through LAN but I am not sure if it's visible outside LAN!

    Thanks again,

  8. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    The changes that have been made are not correct according to whois your domains nameservers are
    But when you query any of those servers they are not configured to handle your domain. So technically your domain does not exist in DNS at the moment
  9. Musty

    Musty New Member

    Hi Topdog,

    Thanks for your reply. I am really at a loss here. In fact, when I do a whois on I do get dyndns name servers. Please see how I worked that out through dyndns control panel. I may have done something wrong :


    Actually, the domain name I aliased to is not free. It's a subdomain of the one I bought from as shown above.

    Any step by step tips on how I sort this out?

    Thanks again.
  10. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    First you need to get DNS servers where you can set CNAMEs if you dont have and available the try out which provides a free service.

    When you have set this up then create a free dyndns account for which will be updated from your server.

    Then cname the www record for your domain name to the dyndns account you will have created.

    Put update software on your server such that each time your dynamic address changes the free dyndns account gets updated

    so each time users look up your www address they will actually behind the scenes be looking up the dyndns address.

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